EMRC Roorkee has won several awards at the UGC-CEC Educational Competition Awards which are organised every year by Consortium of Educational Communication (CEC). The list of awarded programs is as follows:

Programme Title: “Cooling by Gunny Bags”
Best Idea for Program Production, 1998

Programme Title: “Forest in Peril (Part-II)”
Best Program of the Year, 1989

Programme Title: “An Edifice that Mediates-the Architecture of Bahai Temple”
Best Program on Art & Architecture, 1990

Programme Title: “Life Unreached (Part-II) (Treatment of Infertility)”
Program of the Month Award, 1998

Programme Title: “Cloned to Perfection (Antique Replicas of Roorkee)”
Technical Excellence Category Award for Best Editing, 1998

Programme Title: “The Health Show – Peptic Ulcer”
Best Production, 2003

Programme Title: “Prayas Pragati Ka”
Best Anchor, 2004

Programme Title: “No More Shakes”
Citation for Best Script, 2005

Programme Title: “Whose Child?”
Best Script of the Year, 2006

Programme Title:"Fault Plane Solutions"
Technical Excellence Category Award for Best Graphics, 2006