Dr. Rakshak Jain, Director (Incharge) EMRC Roorkee has done his Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication as well as in Science, followed by Masters in Mass Communication. He has done his Ph.D in Electronic Media. He has produced, directed & compiled more than 600 educational programs, documentaries and e-content, received 5 Awards, 4 citations and has about 20 years experience in Television Programme Production including direction, editing, scripting, researching and technical support. Being a TV programme professional, he has given academic inputs by writing research papers, giving lectures and trainings. He has been external examiner at bachelor and master level electronic media courses. He has also attended various conferences, workshops and training programmes. His philosophy about educational programme making is that they should be made in an edu-tainment manner with the incorporation of cinematic elements so that the viewers/learners do not lose interest and abstruse academic and technical subjects can be imparted successfully.‚Äč